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My name is Adam Carter thank you for visiting my Blog. I am passionate about the Martial Arts and the Traditional Karate of Okinawa. My goal is to help people discover a deeper understanding of their Karate, regardless of style or experience.

Within this Blog I try to publish content as often as I can, while also teaching Karate at the Shuri Karate Dojo in the Chicago area of Illinois.

The mission within our dojo is to develop motivated students to a level of individual excellence in the physical, theoretical and technical aspects of pragmatic karate, while remaining cognizant of the history and cultural heritage of Okinawan Karate.

I hope you enjoy your visit to my blog. Please leave a comment on any of the posts.

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“Ichariba chode” (行逢りば兄弟). An Okinawan expression ….. “Though we meet but once, even by chance, we are friends for life.”

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